Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Wooo! first post, baby!
Im going to post here for a month, and see what happens...

LET'S GET STARTED, round 1. ding ding ding!

TF2: yesterday, i played TF2 for 4+ hours, from 1130-330am. I can't believe i stil havent got a single hat ever since the hats been implemented. o well.
I think i improved as a spy, but not deadringer yet...

Starfy: Ahaha, what a kiddie game. But WOW, i didnt expect it to be so fun. Im stil around the middle of the game. Im now on some colorful cave.

Dissidia: Im starting to get used to the controls. holy crap, This game is beautiful.

btw im saving up for a Wii. Im hoping to get it by christmas!

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