Sunday, August 30, 2009

Review - The Legendary Starfy

This is one of the most colorful kiddy games i played. Thte game kinda reminds me of a kirby game. the baility to tranform animals is cool, and a very colorful world. Of course, kirvy is mch better game ig i had to compare the two.

The background has a lot of detail, the 3-d animations for the models are cute and immaculate. The monster designs are nice, not just a 5-min design whipped up.

graphics - 5/5

The music are not bad! they are just...cute? some tunes are complex and aer not just simple short loops. they are well composed, actually. The voice overs are animal cute-like whimpers

sound -4/5

this game is TOO easy. The levels are a cake-walk. the game is so repetitive that it was getting really boring.The levels has no challenge, no mazes, the monsters are not hard at all. Just star spin thtem and they die instantly. Kill the monster, advance, and again and again until u reach the goal. The animal morphs are used only a little. The bosses on the other hand are harder, there are some tactics u need to follow to beat the boss.

gameplay -3/5

After you beat the game, there are a few unlocks, and more things to do. There are many secret levels to unlock, many hiddden chests to get costumes and notes from characters (for story), theres even an extra world, theres the bestiary, multiplayer co-op, extra minigames you can only get from hidden chests, and those cute costumes to get especially.

replay -4/5

overall - 3.8/5

my stats:
beaten sun aug 30,2009@7:50pm
about 9.5 hours to beat
some secrets revealed
some costumes
a few monsters in bestiary

if u read this, pls comment! its too quiet =/

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