Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Final Round

This is the final day ill be doing the fighting theme.
It's september already!? im a little late. o well.

I finished many games, or KO'D 2 games today...er, yesterday!

Hammerin' Hero, and Locoroco 2. Both were good games!
Both were kind of cute and kiddy too. And they were for PSP.
fun and short games. Though Hammerin' Hero is harder in terms of difficulty, by far.

I then played tf2 for awhile, stil waiting for my hat!
and some osu!, im improving slightly.

Things are gonna get busy. gotta get back to RL stuff...

so i may not play games as much.

I will have to end here. It's too late!

Nite. and comment if u read this! im interested!

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